Beach is about a devil's dilemma. What would you do if you fell in love and you had to sacrifice everything to live with that person? Would you choose love or would you stay where you belong? And where do you belong? That's the central question: “Where do we belong?”

Walter wrote the song “Sea” for the band Spiritus Mundi; that song is about a man who falls in love with a mermaid. “Beach” is the same story, but seen through the mermaid's eyes. It seems to be impossible for the both of them. He can't live in the sea, she can't live on land, and yet love does not let go.

The song starts easy with an unusually - for the Royal Teazer concept - prominent role for the keyboard. At the end of the song nothing is easy. The lovers meet at the beach. Whales and seagulls take their place alongside a screaming guitar. When the song ends, the guitar amplifier still moans a little because of the musical violence.

We recorded this song in our Royal Studio's as usual. The foundations were laid in 2019, then we finetuned it. The sound of the whales was added later. Antoon Evers was once again a great help in the process of editing this song, for which we are very grateful.


A happy life under the sea
Together with my family
Singing between the seaweed
Now I don't know what happened to me

My name was written in the sand
My love was drawn onto the land
All was about to change
In this world so beautiful and strange

My mother warned me not to listen to this cry
She knew the consequensces, did not tell a lie
My father learned me to have faith in myself
He knew one day I would need somebody else

A new life in a beautiful land
Living with a good man
But when we walked together on the beach
I could hear my crying family

And now I was torn in two
Did not know what I had to do
But when I stood there on the beach
I wanted back to my family

Beach album cover

Music and lyrics: Royal Teazer
Production: Royal Teazer en Antoon Evers